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A Love So Beautiful ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It starts off with high school classmates Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen who are also neighbors. Xiao Xi, a cheerful girl who doesn't study much, is expressive about her admiration towards Jiang Chen, the popular guy known for his looks and high grades. Together with their fellow classmates the funny Lu Yang, athletic but loyal Jingjing, and cool swimming team member Wu Bo Song, they embark on high school life to university until their adult life. complicated as the two fall in love.

Feelings: First Episode

Classic cute. Exactly what I expected yet it wasn't super cheesy, it was a little awkward and fresh. The film quality was very well done and the casting was perfect. I think what intrigued me was that it was a little awkward, very much like how high school and high school crushes are! So I had no problem playing onward.


Shen Yue...Chen Xiaoxi

I think you really get a chance to see Shen Yue's acting ability in this show. She's quite quirky! But as a character, she's actually quite bold. She knew she liked Jiang Chen early on, it wasn't a realization and she straight up told his ass. He said no but she took that like a champ and proclaimed that she was going to work on it and turn that shit around. And guess what, she totally did! And that's because she is adorable and weird and everything she does is super endearing. Plus she owns the heck out of that bowl cut LOL! As she matures, she becomes less childlike and more poised (though she could have been more patient with Jiang Chen or at least more understanding). Overall I think the womanly version of Xiaoxi was successful, believable, and even presented a little bit of sexiness. I also think this role is closest to Shen Yue as a person but of course I'm just speculating.

Hu Yitian...Jiang Chen

Jiang Chen is a classic character trope: quiet, handsome, and smart. But he's such a jerk? Like he is 100% a jerk but I feel him cuz it's so annoying to be approached all day everyday and because he's smart, teachers bestow a lot of responsibility on him as well. I wouldn't want to talk either. You'd think if you got natural looks and intelligence, people wouldn't ask so much of you, but that's not how life works is it. It's almost more pressure than Xiaoxi who isn't the brightest and not seen as beautiful, so she receives the opposite end of that pressure spectrum. But back to Jiang Chen ;) He is sweet but you have to dig deep in that slender tall frame and as a woman, that shit is annoying to me. Like c'mon, give me a break... However, he is who he is, and his inability to express emotion and communicate is what ultimately breaks them up later in the show. Only when he talks out loud in a drunken state about how much he truly loves Xiaoxi does he comes to terms within himself to open up his heart and truly let Xiaoxi in DEEEP. I wonder if it is harder to act with no emotion or with dynamic emotion. I couldn't determine if he was a good actor or not but he is a cutie so...

Gao Zhiting...Wu Bosong

So even though I thought he was a good character and necessary for the relationship between Jiang Chen and Xiaoxi to blossom, I found him rather irritating. Maybe it was my unhealthy love for beautiful men that blinded me but I just didn't vibe with him. But no, you know what? I don't like when someone tries to disrupt a blossoming relationship and he was so OD about it all the time. But I will say that he's respectful and admirable. His life was not easy and he was going through his own shit and found a light in his friendship with Xiaoxi. My favorite scene with him was towards the end when they're older and he and Jiang Chen get drunk together and he finally realizes how much Jiang Chen does actually love her. It was really sweet. He's a good guy and ultimately a good friend. To both of them.

Wang Ziwei...Lin Jingxiao

Well isn't she a beauty. I noticed how pretty she was the minute she entered on screen and I was like whoa that girl has a nice head of hair! And she would be the type to fall in love with a grown ass man who is also her school nurse. Scandalous! She's certainly pretty enough to get away with shit like that. But I knew when she grows to be super buddy buddy with Lu Yang that they'd end up together. Her attitude is super cool and I honestly love a "hot" girl with a strong attitude like she won't put up with petty drama and she will pull your hair if you mess with her BFF. That's my kind of chick! Her fall for Lu Yang was a practical one and I felt her heart clench in worry when Lu Yang needed surgery. I thought they were going to kill him but I was so relieved when he was fine and they could get married. Ugh that would have been tough! Their love is very innocent and sweet. I really liked their pairing.

Sun Ning...Lu Yang

If he is not the cutest little butternut squash!! What a little nerdy bird. I love him. I was a total nerd chaser back in my day haha. It's true, I liked them weak, pale, and lanky. But enough about me. Lu Yang is a kind nerd who loves video games, wears glasses, and has a medical condition. He never encroached on Jingxiao's crush in a way that was too much and I really dug that about him. He recognized that shit was not going to work out and it would eventually end so he kind of stood back and waited, even though it hurt him to watch the girl he loved love someone he could never really be. Their wedding made me cry. So sweet, so pure, and so pretty.

Post Feelings: Finishing the Series

This was just one of the well done, coming of age (into adulthood) romance tales. I couldn't be more pleased with everything because there really isn't anything to complain about. The main romance AND the sub romance was sooo so sweet and lovely. Shows like these, very similar to It Started with a Kiss, inspires me to make these posts and makes me excited for this thing called life. I just get really pumped up.

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