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Begonia Rouge ⭐⭐

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

On a quest to find her missing father, Gu Hai Tang (Li Yi Tong) finds herself in Kunyang. As she searches for the truth behind her father’s disappearance, she meets Yue Xuan (Deng Lun), the second son of the Lang Family, and head of the family’s successful rouge manufacturer. Despite the fact that the two can’t seem to get along, Hai Tang agrees to take on a job at the factory.

Working closely with Yue Xuan, Hai Tang finds herself coming to regard her argumentative boss as a friend. Yue Xuan, on the other hand, enjoys bickering with Hai Tang on a daily basis, but he never allows himself to think of her as anything more than an employee. Denying what he truly feels, Yue Xuan agrees to help his family trick Hai Tang into marrying his disfigured older brother, Yue Ming (Hanson Ying), who has taken a liking to the feisty Hai Tang. 

Trapped in a marriage she doesn’t want, Hai Tang hates Yue Xuan for not only lying to her, but for the part he played in setting up her despised marriage. Desperate to change her fate, Hai Tang agrees to treat her husbands face, but only if the family agrees to hand over her divorce papers. Agreeing to her terms, Hai Tang earns her freedom but loses her best friend.

Only after Hai Tang leaves, does Yue Xuan realize his feelings for her. Admitting his faults and acknowledging his feelings, Yue Xuan sets out to win Hai Tang’s heart, but the road ahead won’t be easy. Roiled by jealousy, Yue Ming is determined to ruin his brother’s happiness in every way possible. 

With hardships pressing in on all sides, and the truth behind her father’s disappearance finally revealed, will Hai Tang and Yue Xuan ever find a way to be happy together, or will life find a way to tear them apart?

A tangled tale of lies and love, “Begonia Rouge” is a 2019 historical romance drama directed by He Shu Pei.

Feelings: First Episode

So let's be honest, I only found myself interested in this show because I was seeking something with Deng Lun in it and a show that I could watch over a long period of time. Upon first watching, I was intrigued by the style because it really felt like a abstract period piece... like I couldn't tell what era it was taking place in, I just knew it felt like the early 1900's. The costume design played with styles from, what felt like, multiple eras and varying countries but it was still cool. The look of it was very bright and bustling, with saturated colors and questionable pattern combos, but eye catching none the less. I think what motivated me to continue watching was the premise, which I personally feel, was outside of any story-line I was accustomed to. That's why it felt new to me and a little abstract. Like how are you going to write 50 episodes about makeup factory drama? So I had to see how it would play out successfully or not. And I thought the female lead was cute and had good chemistry with the male lead, which in my case, makes any series possible. Gotta have that good energy! 😉


Li Yi Tong as Hai Tang

I definitely took a liking to her right off the bat. I thought her character was very modest and neat but with an attitude that was a bit spicy. Once she and Yue Xuan established their feelings for each other, she was definitely feeling herself and knew she was cute. But I don't know why she didn't yell at some of these people along the way, like Mo Hua. I would have pinned her ass down and told her that I didn't know she liked Yue Xuan and her feelings for him just happened and that she was my friend, I love her, and stop being a stupid bitch. But it was like so many missed opportunities and she just let Mo Hua run with these crazy ideas and really spoil a friendship I think would have been good for both of them Mo Hua without a mother and Hai Tang friendless. But what I enjoyed the most was her fall for Yue Xuan which I don't think she wanted to do because he was a big egotistical ding dong but he has charm big time lol. She was clever in her rebuttals when slighted but I just wish she would have spoken up a bit more during certain scenes. Hai Tang was quite pure but I think her love for Yue Xuan made her feel dirty or something.

Deng Lun as Yue Xuan

This guy was a piece of work too. Though I love Deng Lun and everything he does is wonderful, he really plays some fuck boy characters. So he's smart, innovative, and business savvy but he can't tell his stupid brother that he likes Hai Tang? So what if he develops a little crush on her, what else do you expect from hermit fool. It's like why didn't you say anything the whole time, instead you get drunk and act all sad? Nah these brothers are 2 peas in a pod. But I will say, his actions were always based in care. He didn't want to make his brother feel a way, he didn't want his mom to feel a way,etc. But BRO GET YOUR GIRL! He did in the end but not without the most senseless petty drama along the way. And his best friend died in front of him, that's fucked up. That city was a mess and he def didn't help much though his efforts were valiant. I just really loved the way he looked at Hai Tang, with such genuine care. It seemed like he was totally crushing on the actress for real or something. He was very cute :3 hehe.

Zhang Ya Zhou as Long Mo Hua

So I like her in the beginning! I thought she was gonna be a cute fun supporting role but then she turned on Hai Tang like a little snake. I was honestly not expecting it, especially after the chick just straight up made you look beautiful. I really hate how she kept pretending to be her friend after she decided she was going to hate her because of her likability, talent, and her most coveted desire only desired Hai Tang. I just really could not stand her after that. She became annoying and like ew. Her outfits were the most unique...were they good? Eh I'm not sure that they were. I guess towards the end I had wished she would turn it around and just see the goodness in Fatty but she didn't fail to disappoint there either. But I guess like who wouldn't have a crush on Yue Xuan. He's hot, she's hot, should have been an easy match but she was soooo immature, it made her undesirable as a woman. At some point, I was like just marry Yue Ming. Ya'll both whack.

Hanson Ying as Lang Yue Ming

Got a new a face, don't know how to act. This fool was a whiny little brat. First of all, how you gonna creep on a girl and then agree to a forced marriage (who you claim to like) but then don't ask her how she feels about it? But he is the product of poor management, I mean parenting. He was just the worst and it was frustrating because all he had to do was chill the fuck out and take a moment to catch up. No one was going to blame him for not knowing how to run the business because he was literally a hermit mutant for many years. And how oblivious do you have to be not to notice your brother and the woman being forced to marry you have a thing. I mean I just think it was so clear but he clearly was a big idiot. I think if he had owned his skin and scare (which wasn't even that bad) and socialized in spite of it, he might have been a better person. I mean he's obviously still very handsome and well spoken and rich AF, he just got all cocky, competitive and jealous once his face was fixed. And dammit, let Hai Tang do wtf she wants cuz she fixed your stupid face! Ugh so annoying. Like top shelf annoying character.


Li Baoer as Shi Di Wen

This guy...even though he was used as comic relief...I guess because he was fat? Asian cultural views of fatness is very interesting...anyway. I thought he did a great job and I mean, to me, it seemed like he could act. I appreciate his one sided love (I know what that's like), but he should have dropped her ass when she started acting crazy against Hai Tang. But I get it, he REALLY liked her and his dad was pushing for him to involve himself, plus they were friends who basically grew up together. I think it would have been interesting if Hai Tang and Diwen would have become low key friends, I feel like they would have gotten along and it would have bridged the miscommunication between her and Mo Hua. To bad they killed him (cuz he's fat) and he got NOTHING in the end. What a shame and wasteful death of a character. Totally unnecessary. He could have just lived and nothing would have changed in the story because it wasn't like his death reconciled anything between the families so...

Alex Fong as Lang Si Nian

I commend pops trying to talk sense through all the drama. He was authoritative but kind hearted. It's all in the eyes. Sorry your wife is a petty broad.

Carman Lee as Feng Chun Yan

Respect the actress but FUCK this character and her adoptive daughter who she basically abuses. She was the classic petty wife who thinks she knows best. Very irritating but I do like that her and her hubs at least try to sit down and discuss as a family. But then she starts wildin' and then he has to put her in her place because she doesn't know shit. I almost feel bad for her but not really because she had many opportunities to be better and she couldn't.

Xi Lu as Miao Lan

Pretty and got the short end of the stick. But that shouldn't turn you into a conniving wench. But also homegirl should have been let go to move on with her life after her new husband straight up died early. Yikes. But chill dawg.

Post Feelings: Finishing the Series

It took me forever to finish it because it just seemed like Hai Tang was getting used and abused left and right and she was so talented and didn't deserve any of it. It was upsetting me, the amount of petty drama between the brothers and Mo Hua. It was just like, why didn't anyone speak to Hai Tang on a personal level? She was a straight forward individual and she was going through some major family shit (not to mention the forced marriage incident). Like damn, not one person was like hey maybe she's not all that bad. She's literally a petite lil thang trying to find the truth about her daddy and her mom was lost in time and memory, all while working. Obviously my favorite moments were with Yue Xuan and Hai Tang because they had incredible chemistry and they kissed SO GOOD. Like it looked like they wanted to actually kiss each other, which is what I want to see in love interests. If nothing else, I wish for those 2 actors to star in another romantic drama together. The whole show was just caused by unspoken feelings, missed opportunities, and the most petty plots to ruin a girl for NO REASON. I'm glad I finished it but man was it tough.

P.S. I WANT that garden house Yue Xuan made for Hai Tang. Like what a gorgeous place. I would live and die there if I could.

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