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I Will Never Let You Go ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The story revolves around a young wanderer with an extraordinary business sense and the masked hero who saves her which ultimately results in them falling in love. When the wanderer is revealed to be the Divine Maiden who will obtain a legendary treasure, various enemies hunt her down. She then lives life on the run and meets her savior who turns out to be the ambitious prince that wants to take the throne.

Feelings: First Episode

Ariel Lin (the OG of my generation of romance dramas), is what lured me to consider this show. I had never been into the period pieces so this was my first step into that sub genre and let me tell you - I'M 100% HOOKED BABY! I took off at 120mph after that.


Ariel Lin as Hua Buqi

She still got it baby! I love that the characters she plays are able to make faces and be silly looking. It really adds so much personality to the characters. You really get to love Hua Buqi as a person first before you fall in love the romance.

Vin Zhang as Chen Yu

Folks, when I tell you that I haven't had this strong of a crush feeling toward an actor since Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings - oh boy the flame in my heart was burning bright for this one. When I saw him smile on screen, I felt that shit deep within my loins. Not only was he handsome in a manly way, he can also act his ass off, AND those lips! Wow wow wow, what a specimen. I can go on and on, but I'll spare you.

Tiara Huang as Liu Qingwu

What a true beauty. I really thought there were twin actresses and was sad to find there was only one of her in the world lol. But she was alluring, strong, and a fascinating to watch. Her crush on the Chen Yu was honestly adorable and depressing because you knew it wouldn't end well. Qingwu in love made her character likable.

Po-Hung Lin as Dongfang Shi

This fool. I was all for him until he just wouldn't let Hua Buqi go, I was like c'mon man. He's that friend that gets butt hurt after being put in the friend zone. Ugh. Is it weird that I was oddly pleased when I saw that there was real familial love between him and his grandfather. I don't know why.

En Xing as Mo Ruofe

I would say this is a rare but attainable female passing as a male. A delicate male but I found it believable.

Post Feelings: Finishing the Series

Ya'll know I love Ariel Lin who's an OG of romance dramas so I knew it was going to be a good one. But this show specifically helped me enter into the Asian historical period dramas world and whoa has it been a hell of a journey. This show has lead me to Ashes of Love, Rookie Historian, Love 2.0, Tale of Nokdu, etc. I'm still on the journey and I don't know if I'll ever get enough. This gets 4 stars because the ending was not favorable but you can't win them all.

P.S. They didn't have to kill her dog, not cool.

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