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The Romance of Tiger and Rose ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Chen Xiao Qian (Zhao Lu Si) has dedicated her entire life to making her dream of becoming a well-respected screenwriter come true. Standing on the production set of the sweeping drama she penned through endless blood, sweat, and tears, Xiao Qian can hardly believe what she’s seeing: her work, come to life! Proud of the effort she put into creating this epic tale, Xiao Qian expects things on-set to go quickly and smoothly. But all her high-hopes are soon crushed as her script falls under the critical scrutiny of both the cast and crew. Hurt by the harshness of her peers, Xiao Qian vows to prove herself but things don’t go the way she planned. Mysteriously transported into the pages of her own story, Xiao Qian has now become the Third Princess, Chen Qian Qian, an insignificant side character with a horrible reputation and a short lifespan. Desperate to change her fate, Xiao Qian vows to do whatever it takes to ensure her survival. But the journey ahead won't be easy, especially not after she catches the attention of both the arrogant and manipulative prince, Han Shuo, and the impossibly perfect Minister of Education, Pei Heng. Wandering through a world of her own making, Xiao Qian is desperate, not only to survive, but to keep her heart intact as she tries to find her way back home. Will her efforts be enough or will she be stuck in this story forever?

Feelings: First Episode

I wasn't hooked right away per-say, but I didn't hate it. I was genuinely conflicted on if I was going to be disappointed in the end because she was in a sickly dream state and therefore nothing would be technically real. I didn't want to continue, enjoy the heck out of it, and then in the end she'd wake up and everything would have been for not, besides maybe a learning experience for the main character. Like that's cute but nah I want the romance and I want all the friends she makes, to be remembered and legitimate. BUT honestly, Zhao Lusi is just so dang adorable, and this was my first series seeing this actress, so I had to give it a real shot. Glad I did!


Zhao Lu Si as Chen Qianqian / Chen Xiaoqian

What an absolute cutie patootie! I didn't know anything about this chick but boy is she adorable. Like I would straight up battle in combat for this girl, based on her voice alone. Her character was cute too, not knowing what the hell to do in her own story but figuring it out along the way. She has a good demeanor, strong will, and a youthful spirit. Her and Han Shuo had amazing chemistry and I was honestly surprised how bold she was (even though she figured it was a dream) to get all up close and personal to him early on in the show.

I know I know, she was trying to not be assassinated even though she wrote the dang story. But everything she did was way too cute, to the point where I was like, "do I love this woman?" LOL. Nahh but she mad cute and fucks with her heavy. I do wish she kept that first episode look though, that was hot!

Ding Yu Xi as Han Shuo

Another unknown cutie. He was cool as hell and played a believable young prince. He is a very petite man but he still made me feel like he got this. The actor really looked at Qianqian with such affection, it was too much to handle sometimes. He really acted like a boy in love for the first time with someone who is unpredictable and a perceived liar. I mean Qianqian is a firecracker, so I can see how one might fall for someone fun like that. But he kept his cool throughout the series and I believe he decided very early on that she was the girl for him and the whole show is him just struggling with that deep feeling and also having to kill her. He did get a lil rapey in that one scene but he was never actually going to do it but I really felt him feel bad for making her scared for a sec like that (and boy did she react in a way that gave me goosebumps). I got nervous he turned bad for a sec. Glad that wasn't the case. What a sweetie! I'm going to keep a close eye on him because I think he has a lot more to offer (acting wise).

Zhou Zi Xin as Chen Chuchu

She could have had it all if she wasn't such a jealous jerk. Entitlement is not cute. And I know I know, again, part of the base story BUT she was so close. I liked her at first, I liked that she was sweet on her little sister (not sister). And she's very beautiful! It's like sometimes I really don't want to dislike the villain, especially if they weren't originally intended to be that, so I struggle with character potential in real-life terms.

Sheng Ying Hao as Pei Heng

Whack. He was whack from the get. I don't have much to say on him. He had no traits to brag about. But I did like the gender role reversal shock when they him take over the army cuz his momma ran that shit originally. That was cool.

Zhao Xin as Chen Yuanyuan

The prettiest of the sisters, in my opinion. Good growth but I wish there was more romantic scenes with Su Mu. They were cute together :3

Wei Xiao as Lin Qi

Who doesn't like a chick with a whip! She was cute and badass that she ran like the male equivalent of a whore house. Badass!! Plus she came around in the end.

Post Feelings: Finishing the Series

It accomplished what it came to do. It was simple and I really enjoyed the hell out of it! It was so adorable to watch the scenes between the two mains. They had incredible chemistry and I like that it wasn't a build up of feeling until the kiss. That shit started off super early and it was funny, according to the story line, and well done. I though it was so freaking cute that I literally watched it again immediately after I finished hehe :3. Ugh, love those cuties!

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